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Good day to all our faithful members! We hope you are having exciting time enjoying all the awesome videos, articles and interacting with each other! is rapidly becoming America's choice for awesome, inspiring Christian content! We will be releasing our VOD section in coming weeks, which is in development. Currently you can upload videos up to 20 minutes in length for free. Our VOD section will feature On-Demand videos 30+ minutes in length. Think of it as your very own streaming channel, because that's what it is. VOD will operate separately from regular free videos you upload, as it will be subscription basis. The cost will be $9.99 month to upload videos 30+ minutes. We are excited about this awesome new feature coming to We will start signups for VOD this coming week, so look for "Subscribe" page under VOD tab and follow instructions to sign up. 

We encourage you to vote for your favorite videos, so you will see them again and again. If there's music artist or video you'd like to see on and you can find one, shoot us email and we will find it. Remember, you can upload most video files, links to videos, etc. If you have question of anything regarding setting up your channel, video files, etc, be sure to visit our FAQ tab for answers to most questions asked by our members. 

Don't forget to browse other features like Bible Topics, Devotionals, Inspirational Images and even read through The Bible, all online on 

We're excited about awesome features you can enjoy on! Be sure to tell everyone about us and let's make the greatest Christian video sharing site in the world!


Darrel K Zehm
Director of Content
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